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University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras: Department of Mathematics

In our Department, every graduate student has a Faculty member mentor who will help him through every aspect of graduate school (choice of courses, qualifying exams, etc.).

  • Mathematical Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, and Statistics are the main research areas of interest in the M.S. and Ph.D. Programs in Mathematics. In Mathematical Analysis, the research covers functional analysis, especially operator algebras, classification of C*-algebras, non-commutative geometry, semigroups of operators, as well as linear and nonlinear partial differential equations and potential theory.
  • Researchers in Discrete Mathematics study broad areas of that subject: graph theory, combinatorics, coding theory, finite geometries, aspects of number theory, and related applications.
  • The Computational Mathematics and Statistics area is concerned with problems of applied mathematics, Bayesian statistics, biostatistics, mathematical biology, and information theory.


Programs offered

The Department of Mathematics at UPR-RP offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Mathematics.

The M.S. Program has options in Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. The Ph.D. Program has specializations in Pure Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, and Computational Mathematics.

Mathematics professors possess advanced degrees from prestigious universities around the world and many publish regularly in internationally recognized research journals and participate in exchange programs with institutions all over the world. The average size of the graduate classes offer individualized attention and is very favorable to establish common research interests with faculty members.

Student body profile

Our graduate program has around 40 full-time students and 10 part-time students. All full-time students are supported by fellowship, research, or teaching assistantships. Currently, over 60% of the students enrolled are U.S. minorities. Domestic students come from the Island of Puerto Rico and from the mainland USA. The majority of the foreign students are from Columbia, China, and India. The Department graduates 3 to 4 MS students every year. The new PhD program has graduated its first PhD in May 2009 and three PhDs are expected to graduate in 2010. Departmental specializations of research include Functional Analysis, Global Analysis, number theory, Graph Theory, Cryptography, operator theory, linear and nonlinear partial and ordinary differential equations and Potential Theory.

Graduates will be prepared for a broad range of careers in academia, business, industry, and government, including: professor, research mathematician and scientist, statistician, computer analyst, forensics analyst, climate analyst, banker, actuary, cryptanalyst, quantitative analyst, public utilities analyst, and others. As the only PhD program in Mathematics on the island, the department produces graduates that are not only competitive in the global job market, but also well-prepared for the many opportunities in academia at multiple colleges and research institutions on the island.

Funding opportunities

Students accepted in the graduate program usually receive financial aid in the form of teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and fellowships; those receiving teaching assistantships receive a tuition waiver. In addition, the university provides funds to support students' participation in meetings, workshops, and short courses. Students interested in applying to the graduate program are encouraged to contact faculty members with whom they share research interests to explore additional funding opportunities.

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