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People talking to different graduate schools.

Math Alliance Mentoring Team

Predoctoral Math Alliance Scholars have their Predoctoral Mentor and will also be paired with at least one Math Alliance Doctoral Mentor (through the mentor match program) and (where possible) a Math Alliance Doctoral Scholar forming a mentoring team for the student. This team will keep in touch, on an informal basis, (with the student and with each other). Find a mentor here.

Summer REUs

Predoctoral Math Alliance Scholars are eligible for the Math Alliance Summer Research Experiences (REUs).

Math Alliance Field of Dreams Conference

Each fall, Math Alliance Scholars, together with their Math Alliance Mentors, are invited to the Field of Dreams Conference. The Field of Dreams Conference introduces potential graduate students, from groups that are underrepresented in the mathematical sciences, to graduate programs in the mathematical and statistical sciences at Math Alliance schools as well as professional opportunities in these fields. Representatives of other quantitative fields, such as engineering and business, are on hand to discuss opportunities in these areas as well. Student participants can spend time with faculty mentors from the Math Alliance schools, get advice on graduate school applications, and attend seminars on graduate school preparation and expectations as well as career seminars. Participating faculty enjoy an opportunity to network with colleagues from around the country and with representatives of national Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Institutes.