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Math Alliance Affiliated REUs

Attendees at the 2019 Field of Dreams conference.

There are a variety of programs that are affiliated with the Math Alliance. Each of these programs welcome Math Alliance Scholars. See the annotated list of summer research programs (PDF) that has been complied by William Y. Velez  and continued by Amanda Laubmeier.

Every summer, hundreds of students from across the country participate in quantitative sciences focused Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) and similar programs. The benefits of participating in an REU are numerous.  First and foremost, students have the opportunity to work closely with peers and faculty conducting original research in the quantitative sciences. In doing so, they develop a better understanding of what it means to do research.  REUs often provide students the opportunity to develop their written and oral communication skills by writing about and presenting their work to various audiences. In addition, REUs allow students to build lasting professional relationships—and many times friendships—with students and faculty outside their home institutions.

Many students who participate in REUs go on to graduate school and consider their REU experiences to be an invaluable part of their preparation for advanced study in the quantitative sciences. As an example, here are just a few comments from past participants in REUs:

“The program helped me develop mathematical writing and speaking skills that I have found useful, especially now that I am in graduate school.”
“This summer definitely helped me make some decisions about my future. I am now more motivated and have determined that I would like to go to graduate school and possibly on to a doctorate.  I would then be the first in my family, and I feel like this goal is more achievable than I had viewed it in the past.”
“[The GVSU REU] gave me a much better appreciation of how different parts of mathematics connect, as well as insight into the excitement of delving into a topic.”

Summer Programs for Undergraduates

Affiliated Programs

Purdue University: The Data Mine

Summer Programs for Graduates

Faculty Programs and Workshops

Park City Mathematical Institute - Undergraduate Faculty Program