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University of Mississippi: Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Mississippi has an annual High School Competition and a well operating mentoring program for its GAANN fellows. We are a proud member of the National Alliance for the production of minority Ph.Ds. Comprehensive exam rules have just been changed and will be on the website soon. The average time to degree for GAANN fellows has been 4 years. The average time to degree for all Ph.D. students should be relatively close to four years as well.

The department has fifteen faculty and five research specialties: Combinatorics (Matroid Theory and Graph Theory), Analysis (Functional Analysis and Approximation Theory), Number Theory, Statistics, and Commutative Algebra.


Programs offered

We offer an undergraduate degree, masters degree, and Ph.D. degree. There is no separate degree for statistics.

Funding opportunities

The Department has had ten years of continuous GAANN funding and sixteen TA positions.

More information

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Contact for more information:

  • Gerard Buskes