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University of California, Merced: Department of Applied Mathematics

UC Merced is one of the few places throughout the country that emphasizes state-of-the-art applied and computational mathematics. The emphasis on applied mathematics enables the program to foster the intellectual growth of individuals who are trained to use their analytical and computational skills to solve society's challenging problems of today and beyond.

The Applied Mathematics program at UC Merced is led by a tight-knit group of young and vibrant faculty. We have developed a truly unique learning environment, focused on a deep knowledge of the principles of applied and computational mathematics along with a broad understanding of how to apply these principles to understanding our world.

Preliminary examinations are offered at the beginning and end of the Spring semester each year. These are four closed-book written examinations in (i) differential equations, (ii) advanced calculus, (iii) complex variables and (iv) linear algebra. The examinations are given at the advanced undergraduate/beginning-graduate level. All students are required to take the preliminary exams in the beginning of the Spring semester in the first year of graduate studies. Students must complete the five required core courses with a grade point average of 3.25 and with a grade of at least B in each. This method allows our students to focus on their research early on. During all stages of their graduate studies, students benefit from close and individual mentoring by the faculty.


Programs offered

The Applied Mathematics Graduate Program at the University of California, Merced (UC Merced) offers interdisciplinary research and training leading to Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees. We offer opportunities for students interested in multidisciplinary projects at the interface between mathematics and life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, and social sciences.

Student body profile

The Applied Mathematics Graduate Program is highly diverse. We have about 10 faculty members and 20 graduate students. Our graduate students are primarily US Citizens and Permanent Residents of the US. About 35% of our students are female and about 25% are ethnic minorities. In addition, the composition of the faculty is very diverse. In particular, 50% of the faculty members are female. The faculty is also highly active in diversity forums including the Field of Dreams Conference, the Society for Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS), the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics, and others.

Funding opportunities

Graduate students in Applied Mathematics are normally offered stipend support through appointment either as a Teaching Assistant (TA), Teaching Fellow (TF), and/or Graduate Student Researcher (GSR). Students in their first semester of residence usually serve as TAs for appropriate courses in the schools of Natural Sciences or Engineering. After the first semester, support may be offered through either funding as a TA or a GSR in the graduate research adviser's laboratory. University-wide and school-wide fellowships, including the Eugene-Cotta Robles Fellowships, Chancellor's Fellowships, Dean's Distinguished Fellowships, and the Applied Math Research Awards, have been awarded to graduate students. Our graduate students have also received travel awards to attend professional conferences.

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