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Dr. Phyllis Okwan

  • Email:
  • Southern University and A & M College
  • Status: Faculty
  • Department: Math,
  • Will Mentor: Pre-doctoral students

Areas of Expertise

Applied Statistics,

Research Interests

Educational Assessment, Data Analysis


Dr. Phyllis Okwan is currently an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Southern University and A&M College (SUBR). She served as the Program Coordinator for Enhancement, Enrichment, and Excellence in Mathematics and Science (E3MaS) grant, Data Analyst for the Louisiana Alliance for Minority Participation (LAMP), and Data Specialist for the Scholarships for Excellence in Natural Sciences at Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO). For her dedication and commitment in recruiting and mentoring underrepresented students, Dr. Okwan was awarded The National Role Model Award in 2015. Through her effort in grants and other related activities, Dr. Okwan is currently a Co-PI on a Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program (MSEIP) grant awarded to Southern University at New Orleans. Dr. Okwan holds two Bachelors of Science degrees in Mathematics and Physics from Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO), a Masters of Science in Mathematics with concentration in Statistics from the University of New Orleans (UNO), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Science and Mathematics Education from Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.