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University of Minnesota: School of Mathematics

The University of Minnesota is a large land grant university located on the banks of the Mississippi River as it flows through Minneapolis. The School of Mathematics has about sixty faculty covering essentially all areas of mathematics. The School has a long history of interdisciplinary research, but is equally strong in the core areas of mathematics.

Students have opportunities to participate in programs at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, the Minnesota Center for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, the Minnesota Center for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and the School of Mathematics Center for Educational Programs. PhD alumni and alumnae are spread throughout universities, colleges, industry, and national labs.


Programs offered

PhD in mathematics has two tracks: regular track and applied track; MS in mathematics; MS in industrial and applied mathematics; MS in mathematics with an emphasis on education; MS in Financial Mathematics.

Student body profile

Current PhD Student Demographics

  • 78 US White
  • 2 US African-American
  • 3 US Hispanic
  • 38 International
  • 121 total

Roughly 40% of the PhD students are female.

The MS programs are small, with the exception of Financial Mathematics, which has about 100 students, mostly international.

Funding opportunities

PhD program:

All PhD students are offered six years of funding, conditioned on satisfactory academic progress and satisfactory performance of assigned duties.

Funding consists of a stipend, tuition, and a substantial contribution to health insurance.
Most students are funded as teaching assistants, but many are funded as research assistants on the grants of faculty, and some are funded through external fellowships and the University of Minnesota Fellowships.

MS program:

The Masters's programs are not funded, with the exception of the program with an emphasis in education, which offers teaching assistantships.

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