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Bryn Mawr College: Department of Mathematics

Bryn Mawr College is located in metropolitan Philadelphia, an area well known for its mathematical, social, and cultural opportunities. Founded in 1885, Bryn Mawr College was the first U.S. institution to grant a PhD to women. Today, women and men in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences pursue research in graduate programs of international reputation.

Bryn Mawr’s mathematics department offers numerous opportunities to learn serious mathematics in a fun and supportive atmosphere. In 2012, the department won the prestigious American Mathematical Society’s Award for an exemplary program. A key ingredient in the department’s success is its sense of community: all members – faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students—have an important role. Students interact in a non-competitive environment where working together and mutual support are encouraged; faculty members put a great deal of effort into making all students feel welcomed and valued.

The graduate program at Bryn Mawr is small and offers great opportunities for graduate students to work closely with faculty members in areas of pure mathematics. We typically have a total of 6 graduate students in mathematics; we have 6 faculty members that teach and supervise graduate student projects. Our faculty members specialize in a broad range of areas in pure mathematics, including algebraic and analytic number theory, low-dimensional and symplectic topology, and Fourier analysis and oscillatory integrals. Our faculty members are exceptional at both research and teaching and are devoted to mentoring students.


Programs offered

Bryn Mawr has programs leading to the MA and PhD degrees in Mathematics. Our program offers yearlong core graduate courses in algebra, analysis, and topology, and semester-long courses in a variety of additional topics including complex analysis and number theory.

Student body profile

The graduate program is co-educational; all undergraduate students at Bryn Mawr are female. Our graduate students typically come from all over the US.

Funding opportunities

Our graduate students are well supported by teaching assistantships and research fellowships. All teaching assistants and research fellows receive a full tuition waiver, summer stipends, and health care coverage. In addition, there are travel funds available to attend research conferences.

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