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University of Connecticut- Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics at the University of Connecticut was founded in 1962. The University of Connecticut is in the top 20 public universities in the US. The department is one of the major statistics departments in New England, it provides outstanding preparation for careers in academia, industry, or government. With a core faculty of 20 professors whose teaching and research interests span virtually all major statistical specializations, our department has received national and international recognition in graduate education and research. Graduates from UConn have found excellent positions in academics, government, and industry. We maintain close relationships with area companies and institutions, and our department is an active member of the American Statistical Association Connecticut chapter.

M.S. in Statistics

The M.S. program emphasizes applied statistics and requires students to take at least one course in areas of application. The plan of study for this degree may be formulated with related work in almost any area, e.g., Biology, Business, Economics, Nutrition, and Psychology, to name a few.

Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree in any major, with a background in mathematics and statistics are encouraged to apply. In general, three semesters of full time study, normally four courses per semester, are required to complete the MS degree, although it is possible for a student with a strong background to finish in one year.

M.S. in Biostatistics

The professional M.S. in biostatistics program focuses on practical skills that are sought after in health related fields, including pharmaceutical sciences and genomics. The objective of the program is to provide rigorous training in the modern areas of biostatistics related to the theory and application of statistical science to solve problems in public health, health services, health policy, and biomedical research, and other areas such as environmental health and ecology. Students completing this program successfully will acquire expertise in topics including statistical inference, linear regression, analysis of variance, design and analysis of clinical trials and epidemiological studies, programming in SAS and R, and consulting.

Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree in any major, with a background in mathematics and statistics are encouraged to apply. Qualified full time students are expected to complete this program in three to four semesters.

Doctoral Program (Statistics)

For students entering the program after a Bachelor’s Degree, typically 16 to 18 courses are required. An individual plan of study is developed by the student and his or her Advisory Committee.


Programs offered

The Department of Statistics at the University of Connecticut offers three graduate degree programs: the Master of Science, Statistics (MS), the Master of Science, Biostatistics (MS), and the Doctor of Philosophy, Statistics (Ph.D.). The doctorate program can be fulfilled with a Biostatistics concentration.

Student body profile

Our graduate students play a vital role in departmental programs and outreach activities. The Department offers several annual awards to recognize the role and achievements of graduate students, as well as merit-based summer fellowships. The Department’s student body has an elected committee which takes part in the students’ life decisions of the department.

Funding opportunities

The Department has available both teaching and research assistantship positions for Ph.D. students. A full assistantship consists of 20 hours/week teaching or research and is accompanied by a full tuition waiver, a stipend of approximately $24,000, and access to excellent health benefits. To be considered for financial aid, applications must be received by February 1. The Department expects every Ph.D. student to strive to finish his or her study within 4 years, however for students arriving without a M.S. degree in Mathematics or Statistics, the Department may provide up to 5 years of financial support. For those arriving with such a degree, the Department may provide up to 4 years of financial support. Additionally, the Department offers partial travel funding for students to present research at conferences and has a strong summer fellowship program.

If interested in applying to the University of Connecticut please email Tracy Burke at to find out about application fee waiver.

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