2013 Field of Dreams Conference

November 1, 2013 to November 3, 2013
Hilton Mesa Hotel in Phoenix, Ariz.

The National Alliance for Doctoral Studies in the Mathematical Sciences is pleased to announce the Seventh Annual Mathematical Field of Dreams Conference, held once again at the Phoenix East/Mesa Hilton Hotel in Mesa, Arizona. The Conference brings together faculty in the mathematical sciences and students who are from backgrounds which are underrepresented in those fields. This year the Field of Dreams Conference for 2013 will offer several new programs for students to assist them as they continue their education in the math sciences. The first program (The uniform Admissions Program) is geared towards predoctoral students that are ready to begin their doctoral studies. During the conference they will meet with a faculty facilitator, revise their personal statement and apply to a graduate program during the Field of Dreams Conference. The second program is for predoctoral students that would like a summer experience in an REU. We are hoping that they will be able to secure the information they need and actually sign up for these programs during the conference. Priority will be given to students that are eligible to apply to either of these programs. Please keep this in mind as you nominate your students.

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