University of Minnesota Master of Financial Mathematics Fellowships for Opportunity and Advancement

University of Minnesota Master of Financial Mathematics (MFM)

Two Fully Covered Fellowships sponsored by corporate donors (approximate value: $94,000) for the Incoming Class of 2021

The University of Minnesota’s Master of Financial Mathematics (MFM) program is now accepting applications for the incoming class of fall, 2021.  Oftentimes STEM students are not aware that they are a great fit for the field of quantitative finance.  We invite you to consider Minnesota’s MFM and the many opportunities we provide, which include two special, fully funded fellowships, each with an approximate value of $94,000 to cover tuition and living costs for the two-year MFM.

What is the MFM?
The MFM will prepare you to enter the high-paying, fascinating and satisfying field of quantitative finance, where you can combine skills in mathematics, statistics and data science to do detailed risk modeling. Examples of “quant” jobs include derivatives traders, quantitative risk analysts, investment research analysts, model validators, actuaries, risk regulators, data scientists and academics with a focus on quantitative finance and related domains.

Benefits of the MFM:

  • Ninety percent placement rate over the past 5 years
  • Highly supportive, tight-knit community of students and alumni
  • The MFM program’s curriculum, combining theory and practice, is designed by top notch industry practitioners
  • The MFM is housed in the U of Minnesota’s School of Mathematics, rated 9th in the U.S. for Applied Mathematics
  •  Strong alumni network—The University of Minnesota’s MFM alumni work in a wide variety of firms
    • The Federal Reserve Bank, Amazon, Slack, Citi, Travelers, Morgan Stanly, and Allianz. 
    • They also move on to PhD programs that further support their interest in quantitative finance.

Learn more: MFM homepage,  MFM Fellowships ,   Attend an Information Session

  • First Round of Applications are due by 2/1/21
  • We accept applications after this date for the second round of applications reviewed between March and May of 2021
  • You should apply for the MFM and the MFM Fellowships simultaneously