Travel support to attend Young Mathematicians in C*-Algebras/Young Women in C*-Algebras

Application Due Date: March 10, 2019

The joint conference Young Mathematicians in C*-Algebras and Young Women in C*-Algebras (YMC*A/YWC*A) will be held in Copenhagen this year, August 5-10.
The NSF has generously agreed to provide travel support for about 15 early-career mathematicians (at most 6 years post PhD) to attend YMC*A/YWC*A 2019.

This conference focuses on recent developments in operator algebras (both von Neumann and C*-algebras), noncommutative geometry, and related areas of mathematical analysis, with a particular emphasis on the interplay between operator algebras and the fields of geometric group theory, logic, and dynamical systems. YMC*A/YWC*A is organized for and by master/Ph.D.-students and postdocs in operator algebras and related areas, with the goal of fostering scientific and social interaction between young researchers. The conference will feature three mini-courses by established researchers (Cornelia Drutu, Ilijas Farah, and Ian Putnam) alongside many contributed talks by participants, as well as mentoring activities designed to support underrepresented groups in operator algebras. More information about YMC*A/YWC*A 2019, including the conference registration form, is available at:

If you want to attend YMC*A/YWC*A 2019, and you are a US-based early career researcher and/or a member of an underrepresented group, we encourage you to apply for the travel funding from NSF by March 10, 2019 at