North Carolina Central University and North Carolina State University Bridge-to-PhD Program

The Bridge-to-Ph.D. is a component of the NC State NSF Research Traineeship on Data-Enabled Science and Engineering of Atomic Structure (SEAS), which is designed to broaden the participation of students from underrepresented populations in doctoral degrees in the physical sciences, mathematical sciences, and engineering disciplines. Students matriculate through a Master’s degree program at NCCU and engage in co-advised, data science-related thesis research, special seminars, workshops, and lab rotations with NC State faculty and students. Upon completion of the M.S. at NCCU, SEAS Bridge-to-Ph.D. trainees are expected to transition to Ph.D. studies at NC State or another Ph.D.-granting institution.

SEAS focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to “big data”in materials research utilizing statistical and mathematical models to analyze large data sets generated from sophisticated characterization tools. Bridge students will have opportunities to:

  • Learn and apply data science techniques
  • Enhance communication across disciplines
  • Collaborate with NC State faculty and students in interdisciplinary research projects
  • Network with peers and professionals in the field.

The Bridge-to-Ph.D. is open to students in materials science, engineering, statistics, mathematics, chemistry, physics and other related science and engineering disciplines. Interested students will need to be admitted to a Master’s program in physics, mathematics, or chemistry through the NCCU School of Graduate Studies for participation in the Bridge-to-Ph.D. program. Deadline for Fall 2019 admission is July 1, 2019.

Fellowship funding includes a stipend (up to $34,000) plus cost of attendance, tuition and fees. The Bridge-to-Ph.D. receives support from the National Science Foundation. As a result, program fellowships are only open to US citizens and permanent residents. Regular department assistantships are open to all other graduate students who are selected as SEAS Bridge trainees.

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