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MSRI WORKSHOP Critical Issues in Mathematics Education 2023: Mentoring for Equity, March 22-24

The workshop Critical Issues in Mathematics Education: Mentoring for Equity aims to reach a
broad audience of faculty and students in postsecondary mathematical sciences. Participants will
learn about the evidence base for effective mentoring, with a focus on culturally responsive
mentoring that supports all students and faculty along their mathematical paths. The workshop
includes a combination of discussion of research evidence, review and adaptation of practical
tools, and explicit training in effective mentoring, including how to bring these tools back to
participants’ home institutions. The workshop intertwines objectives of increasing participants’
knowledge of the scholarship on effective mentoring, and engages participants in interactive
activities to develop tangible skills as mentors and as mentor-trainers. Participants should come
with a growth mindset, prepared to reflect on their experiences as mentors and mentees, and
actively contribute to activities that build skills for implementing best mentoring practices. This
workshop will cultivate local and national mentoring communities that bring effective tools and
strategies to mentoring, so that mentees can persist and thrive in research, teaching, education,
and throughout their education and careers. One focus will be on addressing the individual
mentoring needs of all faculty and students, including those who have been historicallymarginalized in mathematics education and careers. For more information see the registration