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2023 Summer Research in Mathematics (SRiM) Program Announcement

MSRI, now becoming the Simons Laufer Mathematical Sciences Institute (SLMath) in 2022-23, invites applications for the 2023 Summer Research in Mathematics (SRiM) program. This program provides space, funding, and the opportunity for in-person collaboration to small groups of mathematicians, especially women and gender-expansive individuals, whose ongoing research may have been disproportionately affected by various obstacles including family obligations, professional isolation, or access to funding. Through this effort, SLMath aims to mitigate the obstacles faced by these groups, improve the odds of research project completion, and deepen their research experience.

Program Eligibility

For full program details, visit the website:

Applications will be hosted on MathPrograms starting August 15, 2022 and require a Project Description and bio-sketch of each group member, as well as additional information (see program website for details). Applicants may only apply as a member of one research group. The following support is provided:

The deadline for application will be December 1, 2022

Support for the 2023 Summer Research in Mathematics program is provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Security Agency (NSA), Microsoft Research, Johnson Cha, Priscilla Chou, and Kristin Lauter. MSRI / SLMath has been supported from its origins by the National Science Foundation, now joined by over 100 Academic Sponsor departments, by a range of private foundations, and by generous and farsighted individuals.