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Bridge to Academia Faculty Mentoring Program

We recently obtained NSF AGEP Alliance funding for our HBCU Instructors Bridge to Academia Faculty Mentoring program (HI Bridge to Academia), which is designed to increase the numbers of historically underrepresented faculty in STEM by supporting doctoral candidates in receiving their PhDs.  We are excited about this work and invite others to join us by committing to serve as mentors for rising faculty scholars (See attached flyer).

Those who are interested can have their profile added to a list of faculty mentors. The HI Bridge to Academia regional directors will then make recommendations for mentor-mentee pairings. Note that we are in the first year of a four-year program, so we are collecting potential faculty mentor profiles for immediate and future assignments on an as needed basis and with consideration of faculty availability.

Faculty mentors will participate in the faculty mentoring program, that includes five online sessions across the year of mentorship and participation in the summer research symposium (planned to occur virtually this year). The symposium involves attending research presentations, quality engagement with mentees, and debriefing sessions with fellow faculty mentors.  There is also a $2,000 honorarium associated with participation in the program.

If you are interested in participating, please sign up at Faculty Mentor Profile. For more information about the AGEP Alliance please visit our website at AGEP Alliance. You may also email us at