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Advocacy Stories from Students of Color in Mathematics

Drs. Pamela E. Harris and Aris Winger have been working on an advocating for students of color in mathematics book series and they are now excited to share that they are beginning work on the third book! 

Read and Reflect: Advocacy Stories from Students of Color in Mathematics

Here they will center the voices of the students who we dedicate our careers to supporting. Students will be asked to write 1200 to 1500 words around discussion questions.  They intend for this work not to be intrusive to students’ semester and will compensate them for the piece with a $25 dollar gift card. 

Do you know any undergraduate and/or graduate students who would make for great contributors? If you have someone in mind please encourage them to contribute. While this will give them a published piece of work which will look good for their CV, they will also be taking great strides to ensure anonymity whenever that is desired.

Here is a short preliminary interest form that you can forward directly to those students you think would be well suited for this opportunity.