MSRI Opportunities

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
, CA

MSRI invites applications for 40 Research Professors, 200 Research Members, and 30 semester-long Post-Doctoral Fellows in the following programs: Geometric Group Theory (August 15- December 16, 2016), Analytic Number Theory (January 17 – May 26, 2017), and Harmonic Analysis (January 17 – May 26, 2017). Research Professorships are intended for senior researchers who will be making key contributions to a program, including the mentoring of postdoctoral fellows, and who will be in residence for three or more months. Research Memberships are intended for researchers who will be making contributions to a program and who will be in residence for one or more months. Post-Doctoral Fellowships are intended for recent PhDs. Interested individuals should carefully describe the purpose of their proposed visit, and indicate why a residency at MSRI will advance their research program. To receive full consideration, application must be complete, including all letters of support, by the following deadlines: Research Professorships, October 1, 2015; Research Memberships, December 1, 2015; Post-doctoral Fellowships, December 1, 2015. Application information can be found at

It is the policy of MSRI actively to seek to achieve diversity in its programs and workshops. Thus, a strong effort is made to remove barriers that hinder equal opportunity, particularly for those groups that have been historically underrepresented in the mathematical sciences.  Programs funded by the National Science Foundation.