Wolfgang Kliemann

Status: Faculty

Will mentor

  • Doctoral students
  • Pre-doctoral students

Research interests

  • Systems theory

Fields of expertise

  • Applied mathematics


  • Math

Department of Mathematics, Iowa State University

Wolfgang Kliemann is a professor at the Department of Mathematics, Iowa State University. He received his PhD in 1980 from the Institute of Dynamical Systems, University of Bremen, Germany. His research area can be described broadly as ‘systems theory’, which includes deterministic and stochastic dynamical systems and their control. His work is partly quite theoretical mathematics, and partly rather applied research with engineers, biologists, and statisticians, with over 100 published books, articles, and reports.

He has advised 13 PhD and 4 MS students, and mentored 4 postdocs and countless undergraduate students in mathematics and related fields, including more than ten Alliance Scholars participating in the Iowa Alliance REU. He sees the Alliance program as an opportunity to give back to the mathematics community that supported him when he was a young mathematics hopeful.