Rainer Steinwandt

Status: Faculty

Will mentor

  • Doctoral students
  • Pre-doctoral students

Research interests

  • Cryptography

Fields of expertise

  • Applied mathematics


  • Math

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Department of Mathematical Sciences, Florida Atlantic University

Currently I have the pleasure to serve as department chair of Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) Department of Mathematical Sciences and as Director of FAU’s Center for Cryptology and Information Security. I joined FAU in 2005, coming from Univ. Karlsruhe in Germany, where I completed my doctoral degree in computer science. For my Ph.D. thesis, I focused on research in computer algebra, exploring algorithmic questions related to Groebner bases. Until today, I greatly enjoy the use of such tools in my work.

After graduation, my research focus has moved to cryptography, which offers a fascinating spectrum of scientific challenges in the intersection of various disciplines. I am interested in applying mathematics to problems in cryptography and in exploring the interplay of cryptography with neighboring disciplines, such as computer science and physics.