Majid Jaberi-Douraki

Status: Faculty

Will mentor

  • Doctoral students
  • Pre-doctoral students

Research interests

  • Modelling of Biological and Epidemiological Sci.: Autoimmune and Infectious Diseases, Mechanism of Relapse-Remission, Protein Folding in Endoplasmic Reticulum, Pathogen-Host Dynamics, Age-Structured Modelling;
  • Dynamical Systems: Theory of Difference and Integrodifference Equations, Existence Problems, Stability Analysis, Oscillation and Bifurcation, and Perturbation Theories;
  • Control Theory: Optimal Control Strategies, Vaccination/Treatment/Isolation Policy
  • Numerical Analysis: Sensitivity Analysis, Parallel Computing, Non-Standard Methods, Convergence Properties, Bifurcation Analysis, Asymptotic Behaviour

Fields of expertise

  • Applied mathematics
  • Mathematical statistics


  • Math

Department of Mathematics, Kansas State University