Mentors By State

  • Colorado College (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
    Name Email Interests
    Luis David García Puente
    Department: Math Computational Algebraic Geometry
  • Colorado Mesa University (Grand Junction, Colorado)
    Name Email Interests
    Marcos Ortiz
    Department: Math, Stat Experimemental Mathematics, Topology
  • Colorado School of Mines (Golden, Colorado)
    Name Email Interests
    Greg Fasshauer
    Department: Math, Stat Meshfree methods, Kernel-based Approximation, Numerical Analysis, Approximation Theory
    Stephen Pankavich
    Department: Math, Stat Applied Analysis and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Multiscale Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of nanoscale physical phenomena, Mathematical Modeling of HIV dynamics
    Jennifer Ryan
    Department: Applied Math, Stat Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing, Partial Differential Equations
  • Colorado State University (Fort Collins, Colorado)
    Name Email Interests
    Henry Adams
    Department: Math Computational topology and geometry, Combinatorial topology, Applied topology (in particular to data analysis and to sensor networks)
    David Aristoff
    Department: Math Monte Carlo methods, Modeling and simulation, Numerical analysis
    Jess Ellis Hagman
    Department: Math Undergraduate Mathematics Education
    Bailey Fosdick
    Department: Stat Network modeling, Multivariate analysis
    Emily King
    Department: Math Mathematical data science, Signal & image processing, Algebraic, combinatorial, and geometric methods in frame theory, harmonic analysis
    Ken McLaughlin
    Department: Math Random Matrix Theory, Combinatorics, Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, Analysis
    Clayton Shonkwiler
    Department: Math Differential geometry, Symplectic geometry, Frame theory, Polymer modeling, Applications of geometry to modeling physical systems
  • University of Colorado (Boulder, Colorado)
    Name Email Interests
    Stephen Becker
    Department: Applied Math optimization
    Mark Hoefer
    Department: Applied Math Applied Partial Differential Equations
    Yu-Jui Huang
    Department: Applied Math Mathematical Finance
    Zachary Kilpatrick
    Department: Applied Math Computational/mathematical neuroscience
    William Kleiber
    Department: Applied Math Spatial statistics
    Judith Packer
    Department: Math C*-algebra theory
    Nancy Rodriguez
    Department: Applied Math Partial Differential Equations
  • University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
    Name Email Interests
    Mark Tomforde
    Department: Math Functional Analysis, Algebra
  • University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, Colorado)
    Name Email Interests
    Virgil Pierce
    Department: Math