Become an Alliance Predoctoral Scholar

To become an Alliance Predoctoral Scholar  (1) you must be nominated by an Alliance Mentor or (2) If you are nominated by an Alliance Mentor to attend the Alliance Field of Dreams Conference, you will automatically become an Alliance Scholar.

Predoctoral Scholars are selected by our Alliance Mentors using the following broad criteria: (1) The student has the potential to receive a doctoral degree in a mathematical science. (2) The student is willing to consider this degree objective.  (3) Participation in the Alliance will substantially increase the likelihood that the student will enter into and succeed in a doctoral program in the mathematical sciences.

If you would like to apply to be an Alliance Scholar please speak with an Alliance Mentor about nominating you! If you don’t know if there is a Predoctoral Alliance Mentor at your school, please contact us at right away and we will introduce you if there is one at your school.  If you do not have an Alliance mentor at your school we will work with you to recruit one. *

Once you are an Alliance Scholar, you will be eligible to apply to all of our Alliance Programs.

*If you attend a college or university that serves a high percentage of underrepresented students in the math sciences and do not have an Alliance Predoctoral Mentor, please consider talking with a faculty member about becoming an Alliance Predoctoral Mentor; they may then nominate you. Please also send their contact information to the Alliance Director, David Goldberg (, and we will get in touch with them.