Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI)

MBI offers a vigorous program of research and education, and fosters the growth of an international community of researchers in this new field.

The mission of MBI is:

  • To foster innovation in the application of mathematical, statistical, and computational methods in the resolution of significant problems in the biosciences;
  • To foster the development of new areas in the mathematical sciences motivated by important questions in the biosciences;
  • To engage mathematical and biological scientists in these pursuits; and
  • To expand the community of scholars in mathematical biosciences through education, training, and support of students and researchers.

To support this mission, MBI programs are designed to reinforce and build upon existing research efforts in the mathematical biosciences, and to inspire and accelerate the expansion of the community and its intellectual growth. These include emphasis year programs, current topic workshops, education programs, and research projects. The administrative and governance structure of the MBI are designed to support the mission of the Institute.