Predoctoral Mentors

Math Alliance Predoctoral Mentors play four key roles:

  • they nominate Math Alliance Predoctoral Scholars*
  • they serve on the mentoring team for these Scholars
  • they participate on National Math Alliance faculty committees in areas such as governance, curriculum, and external funding
  • they are active members of the Math Alliance Community and provide leadership and guidance for our community

Math Alliance Predoctoral Mentors are typically math or stat sciences faculty at colleges and universities who have committed themselves to mentoring and encouraging undergraduate students from backgrounds that are typically underrepresented in the math or stat sciences. Many of these mentors teach at colleges and universities which serve large numbers of underrepresented students. Others, through their work in summer programs and other such activities, have demonstrated an enduring commitment to the goals of the Math Alliance. The number of these mentors have grown to over 900; they represent more than 320 colleges and universities nationally. If you would like to find a Math Alliance Mentor at your school click here.

There is support available for Math Alliance Mentors to accompany their students to professional meetings, and they are encouraged to attend the annual Field of Dreams Conference. There are also opportunities for them to travel to Math Alliance Graduate Program Groups where they may participate in Math Alliance REUs and, while there, engage in collaboration with resident faculty.

*To nominate a student to become a Math Alliance Scholar please send their name and e-mail address to