MAA Project NExT – New Experiences in Teaching

Launch the NExT stage of your career

MAA Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) is a year-long professional development program for new or recent Ph.D.s in the mathematical sciences. The program is designed to connect new faculty with expert teachers and leaders in the mathematics community and address the three main aspects of an academic career: teaching, research, and service.

Recent program sessions have included:
•  getting your research and grant-writing off to a good start,
•  innovative teaching and assessment methods and why they work,
•  finding your niche in the profession,
•  attracting and retaining underrepresented students,
• balancing teaching, research, and service demands,
•  starting an undergraduate research program, and
•  preparing for tenure.

MAA Project NExT Fellows join an active community of faculty who have become award-winning teachers, innovators on their campuses, active members of the MAA, and leaders in the profession. MAA Project NExT welcomes and encourages applications from new and recent PhDs in postdoctoral, tenure-track, and visiting positions. We particularly encourage applicants from underrepresented groups, including women and minorities. Applications for the 2019 cohort of MAA Project NExT Fellows are due on April 15, 2019 and can
be found at   Questions? Contact