GSMMC 19-Graduate Student Mathematical Modeling Camp

We are pleased to announce the IMA-supported Graduate Student Mathematical Modeling Camp, GSMMC 19. 

The camp will take place at the University of Delaware in Newark, DE from June 12-15, 2019. 


The GSMM Camp is a workshop designed to teach graduate students a broad range of problem-solving skills, including mathematical modeling and analysis, scientific computation, and critical assessment of solutions.  Guided by an invited faculty mentor, graduate students work in teams on highly interdisciplinary problems inspired by real industrial applications.  As a result, the Camp provides a valuable educational and career-enhancing experience outside of the traditional academic setting.

Here are some past problems:

  • Modeling Desulfurization of Natural Gas for Fuel Cells
  • On Temperature Effects in Reacting Porous Media Applications
  • Determining Object Characteristics from Force and Displacement Measures: Direct and Inverse Problems

For more examples of the types of problems presented, you may visit the Web page for the 2017 Camp.

MPI Workshop

The Camp is run in conjunction with the MPI Workshop the following week, held this year at NJIT.  MPI focuses on real-world open-ended industrial problems, and draws both faculty and student attendees.  With the skills obtained at GSMMC, campers become valuable participants in the problem-solving teams at the workshop, helping to solve the posed problems.  The Workshop also provides mentoring and networking opportunities for Campers with academic and industrial representatives.  We expect that most Campers will automatically be registered for and supported at MPI.


Financial support is available for participants, but is limited.  The selection will be based on academic background and interests as indicated in the application form and on a letter of recommendation from a faculty sponsor.  Women and students from underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply. 

Applications must be completed by April 26, 2019 for full consideration, and successful applicants will be notified by early to mid-May.