Groundwork for Operator Algebras Lecture Series (GOALS) 2021

The Groundwork for Operator Algebras Lecture Series (GOALS) 2021 will be held at Michigan State University this summer either in-person July 11th – 25th, or virtually July 11th – 30th. During the summer school, we will introduce the students to the basics of C*-algebra and von Neumann algebra theory, so that in the Fall they will be prepared to begin a reading course or independent study using some of the standard texts in our field. More information about GOALS is available at 


We have NSF funding for GOALS, which will enable us to pay the travel and local expenses of all GOALS participants.


GOALS is ideal for students who have completed a first-year graduate analysis sequence (not necessarily including functional analysis), and who have an aptitude and enthusiasm for analysis. Students that are interested in pursuing a PhD in operator algebras, can apply through the following Google Form:


Our intention is that this summer school will increase recruitment and retention of researchers in operator algebras, in particular among those from underrepresented groups, by (1) reducing some of the barriers to entry in our rather technical field, and (2) building a network of operator algebraists that the summer school participants can turn to for support as they progress.


If you (or your students) have any questions about GOALS, please don’t hesitate to contact us at!