ASTRO: Astrophysical Population Emulation and Uncertainty Quantification

April 3, 2017 to April 7, 2017
Research Triangle Park, NC.

Inference problems on astrophysical populations arise in a large variety of fields, from exoplanets to gravitational-wave astrophysics to extragalactic astronomy. The application of hierarchical Bayesian modeling to observed astrophysical populations typically requires the generation of population models. Often, the full physical model is moderately to extremely computationally expensive. Therefore, there is a need to utilize fast emulators for much of the required computations. The workshop will provide opportunities to more efficiently review the previously done work, address any challenges, and discuss future directions.

This will be a very collaborative, hands-on workshop. As such, it will be scheduled predominantly around collaborative research sessions.The daily schedule will include a one-hour morning session presenting current project status, followed by intensive discussions and joint implementation work in smaller groups. The group will reconvene in the afternoon for a progress review meeting.

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