BAMM! Scholarship and Mentoring Program

BAMM! Scholarship and Mentoring Program

Basics: Up to $20,000 in scholarships for 2020-2022 and tons of community and mentoring experiences. BAMM! is designed to help you use a master’s program at one of three California State Universities (CSUs: Cal Poly Pomona, Fresno State, and San Francisco State) to get into and thrive in a PhD program in the mathematical sciences. For details, see the attached flyer or the recording of our virtual Open House on the BAMM! website.

Deadline: April 12th, but applicants would need to apply to one of the above CSUs, with earliest deadline of April 1st.

Summer Courses at Cal Poly Pomona

Basics: At Cal Poly Pomona, we are offering many upper division courses in mathematics and statistics in Summer 2021. These courses are set to run virtually and are open to all students who meet the prerequisites, they do not need to be currently enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona. Courses include two sections of MAT 3140 Introduction to Real Analysis I (4 units). Last summer, tuition was $340 per unit (so $1360 for MAT 3140), but this may increase for Summer 2021.

MAT 3140 Catalog Description: Axioms of the real numbers; sequences and convergence; limits of sequences and functions; continuity and uniform continuity of functions; open, closed, and compact subsets of the real numbers; differentiation; Extreme Value Theorem; Mean Value Theorem; Riemann’s theory of integration; the Fundamental Theorems of Calculus; infinite series.

Also: My MAT 3140 classes will be run synchronously (live, virtual), Tuesdays and Thursdays, with office hours Mondays and Fridays. All lectures will be recorded and made immediately available to enrolled students (helpful when doing homework or studying for exams/take-home assignments). A free copy of the textbook will be available to all enrolled students. In my sections, we use lots of breakout rooms, worksheets, Zoom polls, and chat blasts to keep the conversation going. The style is like a hybrid of Inquiry-Based Learning and standard lecturing.

Program Flyer