Assistant Professor at Mount Holyoke College Position Announcement

In Fall 2019 our new faculty member in mathematics will join 9 tenured and tenure-track faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics currently at  Mount Holyoke College plus an additional tenure-track statistician that we are search form this fall. Current research interests of faculty in the department include stochastic processes, statistical mechanics, dynamical systems, number theory, fluid dynamics, applied algebraic geometry, optimization, infectious disease modeling, social network analysis, high-dimensional data, Bayesian methods, and statistical genetics. We are looking for a department member who will bring new perspectives and areas of expertise!

Mount Holyoke College is an undergraduate institution for women with 2,200 students and 220 faculty. The college and the department are committed to diversity and inclusion. Over half the faculty are women, and one quarter are persons of color. Over one quarter of the students are international, and one quarter of the domestic students are persons of color. Our faculty teach two courses per semester and maintain active research programs with generous research support from the department and the college.

As a member of the Five-College Consortium, the new faculty member will also interact with teaching and research faculty at Amherst College, Hampshire College, UMass Amherst and Smith College.  Interested candidates should apply through our ads on