Alliance Leadership and Governance

As of April, 2017, the Math Alliance will have an administrative home in the newly created Center for the Math Sciences Alliance, a center in the College of Science at Purdue University that reports to the Dean of the College of Science.  Here is a summary of this new administrative arrangement. A detailed description, including the procedure for the selection of Alliance and Center officers, may be found here.


  • Executive Director:  The Center is administered by its Executive Director(ED).  The Executive Director will be a tenured faculty member in a department at Purdue University which has formed an Alliance Doctoral Program Group . The ED reports to the Dean of the College of Science.
  • Executive Council:  Alliance policy is set by the Alliance Executive Council which also serves as the Executive Council for the Center; the Executive Council is chaired by the Alliance Director.
  • Alliance Director: In addition to serving as Chair of the Executive Council, the Director is responsible for designing and implementing new programs that promote the mission of the Alliance.
  • Alliance Associate Director: The Associate Director is responsible for outreach and communication with other national organizations with shared goals, and for providing organizational and administrative support to the regional alliances.
  • Alliance Associate Director for Statistics: The Associate Director for Statistics acts as the liaison to the Statistics community and oversees the Alliance Statistics Initiative.

Present Directorate:

Executive Director: David Goldberg, Purdue University

Director: Philip Kutzko, University of Iowa

Senior Advisor and Associate Director for Undergraduate Programs: William Vélez, University of Arizona

Associate Director for Applied Mathematics: Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, George Mason University

Associate Director for Statistics:  Leslie McClure, Drexel University

Program Advisor: Rodrigo Bañuelos, Purdue University

Present Executive Council:

Philip Kutzko, University of Iowa (Chair)

Donald Cole, University of Mississippi

Leslie McClureDrexel University

Helena Noronha, California State University- Northridge

William Vélez, University of Arizona